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Killer Food Allergies

Jul 3, 2019

Irreverent and bitter, with maybe a little light swearing, Holly Bayardo says what we’re all thinking.  Her journey into the complex and confusing world of allergies offers insight for all of us, whether we are a little sneezy, or could die from ingesting a single sesame seed.  Without being afraid to say things like, “…big pharma is working against us,” Holly’s raw, unfiltered, viewpoint is refreshing and much needed.  As the mom of a daughter with complex & terrifying food allergies, Holly is deep in the trenches of what seems to have become an outbreak of illness for this generation of children.  In her experience, just the word - ALLERGY - has become a lightning rod for controversy and confusion. 

Why this curious spike?  With her “laugh so I don’t cry…”  approach, sprinkled with a fantastic line up of guests, Holly hopes her experience on the front lines with this epidemic will help answer that question and more.